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DogGoneHandy has helped many people make their homes more livable for their daily needs.  Sometimes our help comes in the form of home maintenance for clients who don’t have the time, skills, or physical abilities to complete the tasks at hand. Other times, we can help make modifications to accommodate a changing need, either from injury or elder care. More people are striving and planning to spend their twilight years comfortable in their own home, and DogGoneHandy has the technicians, designers and professional staff to make this transition as smooth as possible. We can integrate access, safety, ease of maintenance, and function into each solution to create the highest possible level of dignity and independence.


Small changes can mean a lot when modifying a home for evolving needs.  Often a few simple alterations can make the difference between getting by and getting on with life.  Our team can address and implement changes that can include  

  • Widening doorways and pathways easily accommodate a wheelchair, walker or cane.
  • Changing door hardware to lever-style handles on all doors to allow for easy manipulation
  • Modifying bathrooms to accommodate roll in style showering
  • Installation of grab bars
  • Changing flooring surfaces and elimination of sills and thresholds
  • Construction and installation of ramps in and out of homes
  • electrical changes to accommodate new accessible switch and outlet locations
  • lowering the heights of cabinets, countertops and shelving and accommodating legroom when necessary

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