Adding a Window for Natural Light


Stairway Landings and Hallways are often dark spaces that can benefit from the addition of more light. Rather than always thinking of just lighting fixtures as the solution, adding a window can be a big win. Natural light is more person-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The simple addition of a window can be the solution from both a practical and a design point of view.

DogGoneHandy added this small window with an arched top to the top of a stair landing/ hallway with wonderful results. The added light is a huge plus for the homeowner. The window is operable which also allows the homeowner to have added air circulation. In this situation, this wall had previously been blank. 

Another opportunity is to simply enlarge an existing window to achieve great results with added light and air. In older homes, if there is a window in a hall, it is often quite small. Replacing an existing window with a larger window or more decorative window will enhance the natural light and look of the space. 

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