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Bath fans are great at taking the moisture out of a steamy bath. But if they are too noisy they may not get used enough, resulting in bigger problems.  By replacing the motor and fan in the existing housing you can cut the fan noise down by almost half.  Broan and NuTone, two of the largest manufacturers of bath fans, are now offering universal replacement kits that can be found in some big box hardware stores.

Installing the new fan and motor only takes about 10 minutes, with no rewiring or duct work required.  The Bath Fan Upgrade Kit is simply a quieter replacement fan that fits in the existing housing, so there's no need to rip up the ceiling and the new grille gives your fan a new look. The more powerful motor in this quieter fan means the fan will do a better job of ventilating the room. Everything you need is contained in the kit, including the wrench! Or you can always call DogGoneHandy.


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