How Important is Paint Primer?


As the saying goes, “it’s all in the preparation.”  At DogGoneHandy we couldn’t agree more and believe that painting is the easiest way to update a room. But we sometimes see people making the process much more difficult than it should be.  The use of primer when painting a wall or trim in your home actually reduces the time needed to achieve a quality finish and helps to ensure a proper bond to the substrate.


Primer is engineered to act as a sealer and bonder on porous surfaces that enhances the bonding and reduce absorption into the material being painted.  This is particularly important for materials like wood and drywall that have never been painted before.  Without primer these highly porous surfaces literally sop up the more expensive finish paint resulting in multiple coats to achieve a desirable end product.  Primer is also engineered to create both a physical and chemical bond with the finish color making it considerably more durable and easier to clean.  And, of course, when painting an area a totally different color the primer helps to block out the old color so your new paint ends up being exactly the color you picked out. 


At DogGoneHandy we make every effort to maximize quality and reduce maintenance costs so that you will be most satisfied with our work.  Whether it is a small drywall or trim touch-up, or you’re repainting your entire house – we can help by providing a quote for your consideration.  You may just be surprised what a difference we can make.   

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