Mayor Kasim Reed Talks on Building in Atlanta


I had the honour of having lunch today with Mayor Kasim Reed, as he addressed the Home Buuilders of Atlanta in the August Regional meeting. Here is a quick summary of some of the many items he covered;

    1. No impact fees increase. This is great news as the rumor was close to a tripling in fees.
    2. Permits up 10%  over last year
    3. Permitting duration is currently running at 15 to 30days down from several weeks.
    4. Spoke positively about getting government out of the way for builders to succeed.
    5. City cash reserves have increased from $7m to over $100m.
    6. Crime at lowest level since 1969.
    7. School board has been replaced and a focus put on education.
    8. Tearing down vacant blighted homes. This will decrease the supply and allow  the neighborhoods to recover quicker.
    9. Going to bring down the price of water in the city.
    10.  Continue to work on Belt line to secure private funds to enable the city to move forward to build the beltline.

These are all good steps on the path to improving not only home building, but also remodeling and ultimately the price of homes.


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