Medicine Cabinets


Many of the great details included in homes built during the first few decades of the twentieth century have been lost in today’s effort to cut cost out of home construction.  One of those details, the mirrored bathroom medicine cabinet, can be easily added to, or can replace an existing bathroom mirror during a single visit from one of DogGoneHandy’s skilled handymen. 


There are two basic bathroom mirror options that can both dramatically update the style and increase functionality of even the smallest of bathrooms.  The most straightforward solution is the surface mount medicine cabinet.  These are easily added to almost any bathroom with secure mounting to the wall studs for proper support.  A more custom solution, however, is the inset medicine cabinet that is actually mounted between the wall’s studs and is almost completely flush with the wall.  This option does require a bit of investigation – you wouldn’t want to open the wall up to find that there is a drainage vent pipe in the way – but this really increases the custom feel of your bathroom. 


Whichever option you decide on, inset or flush mounted; DogGoneHandy can add both storage and style to your home with this easy bathroom update.   Give us a call and we’ll gladly discuss any bathroom remodel / update, small or large.

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