Outdoor Shower


If you have a pool, or are an avid jogger or dog walker, and outdoor shower might be just the thing to clean you up …or cool you off this summer.

DogGoneHandy installed this shower on the back of a garage next to the pool. It not only dressed up the egress from the garage, with  the accompaning stone, tile work, and arbor, but also made for a very functional pool shower.

Outdoor showers can come in many forms, ranging from elegant to simple, and can also be very helpful for dog baths, gardening, and general clean up. When considering a dog wash we can add a bench which can help the strain on your back while dog washing, as well as an adjustable leash post (for escapees). A hand held shower is also a big benefit, and can do double duty for watering garden pots and cleanup.

So if you are in need… just give us a whistle we will be right there.

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