Reface or Refinish That Old Cabinetry!


Has your kitchen cabinetry seen better days, but you just can’t justify replacing perfectly good cabinet boxes?  Are you happy with the general layout of your kitchen – but you want a style update?  DogGoneHandy can help by refacing or refinishing your old cabinetry to give you that updated look that you’ve been wanting.


Although updates to the kitchen usually provide the most return on investment, they can be very costly.  This is especially true when considering changes to the cabinetry.  But if you’re happy with the construction quality of the cabinets as well as the general layout of the kitchen, you may want to consider having those old cabinet doors updated with a fresh coat of paint.  Or if the doors themselves are out of date, why not save time and money by having the cabinet doors replaced instead of the entire cabinet. 


The idea of refacing or replacing kitchen cabinet doors can also be applied to the bathroom, mudroom and bookshelves with cabinets.


DogGoneHandy techs will come in, remove the doors and drawers from your cabinets, take them off-site for re-finishing (in most situations), paint or veneer the cabinet frames, and will re-install them to give you exactly the look that you’ve always wanted.  Give DogGoneHandy a call today to find out exactly how economical it can be to update your kitchen.  

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