Wildlife can be wild


Here at DogGoneHandy we have a soft spot for most furry beasts.  However, uninvited guests can cause a headache in home repairs.  Squirrels, raccoons, possums, rats and skunks love to find a warm and dry spot to spend some time. You want to make sure it’s not at the expense of your home. Wildlife is just that, wild! Their rules regarding what to eat (woodwork and trim) and where to relieve themselves (anywhere) can wear out a welcome fast.

To prevent visitors, start by securing the perimeter of your home.  Confirm all garage doors and exterior man doors have a tight seal and do not have any visible gaps.  Garbage is a huge attraction.  Make sure cans are secured and not being housed in a shed or garage if possible.  Basements and crawlspaces, particularly under porches can be an appealing spot. Try to keep these locations clean and limit access with lattice and screening where possible. Birds and squirrels can also find their way into attics or walls through poorly maintained soffits , fascia boards and trim work. A visual inspection every spring and fall is important to limit holes and thus egress. At DogGoneHandy we are specialists at rot and exterior trim repair. We also have specialty materials and metal plates that will keep your wee guest out. Our goal is to help you maintain your home now and thru the years.

 Maintenance is always the best policy when it comes to preventing a wildlife visit.

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