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Bath Fans

There are few things as damaging to a home as water.  Whether vapor or liquid, water is one of mother earth’s most powerful elements and even though we often think of storms and flooding as the source of water damage, we actually invite moisture into our homes on a daily basis without even realizing it.  

The importance of a high performance bathroom fan can mean the difference between regular cleaning and maintenance and major problems.   The bathroom fan serves several purposes, but arguably its most important function is to remove moisture from the air after a hot steamy shower.  This is particularly true in Atlanta with our humid weather. If this water is not properly removed it can begin to wreak havoc on the components of one of the most expensive rooms in your home to construct.  Damp air that is not removed promptly will not only increase the rate that mold will grow, both visible and hidden, it will cause wood (vanity cabinets, doors, windows and room trim) to warp, metal fixtures to begin to rust, drywall to bubble, paint to peel, electrical workings to malfunction, HVAC systems to be less efficient and structural components to rot.   The handy team at DogGoneHandy can recommend, install and repair the best ventilation solutions to keep the humidity and future repair bills to a minimum.  Even if you already have a functioning bathroom fan, if you’re constantly wiping down the bathroom mirrors after a hot shower – give us a call. 

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