Easy Kitchen Update: Touch-less Faucet


Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you’re prepping chicken, your hands slimy, and in order to wash the ick off you inevitably end up making your kitchen faucet just as nasty as your hands?  Almost defeats the purpose because unless you are spraying down the faucet handle with kitchen cleaner before you turn the water off, you end up with nasty hands again.  DogGoneHandy has a brilliant solution for you – touch-less on-off water faucets!


One of the greatest trends found in public restrooms has now made it to the residential kitchen.  Many faucet manufacturers are now integrating the touch-less feature into their kitchen faucets, which will keep the germs away and your cleaning time down.  What’s even better is that these faucets are ADA Compliant.


Whether it’s time for a small kitchen remodel or you’re just ready to replace that outdated kitchen faucet, let DogGoneHandy make some suggestions that will make the most out of your update.  

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