The Storage Situation

Storage in your kitchen becoming a problem?  Tired of tripping over paper towels on your way to the pet food? A full scale kitchen remodel may not be in your budget or your future and it may not have to be.  Sometimes some clever storage solutions can save the day.

A designated pantry,  a small room outfitted with shelving and its own door, can be the gold standard for storage. However not all kitchen footprints or budgets can accommodate this much designated square footage and a built-in cabinet can provide the answer.  Cabinet companies, both custom and stock, typically offer several pantry cabinets in their lines. Some considerations may be rolling shelves to access items in the back of the cabinet.  Another feature may be to design a wider cabinet but one that is not so deep-preventing those lost items in the back. Finish or door style doesn't need to match cabinetry found through out the kitchen.  Sometimes a piece in an accent color or stain can provide a kitchen with an added pop. Installing a stand alone pantry cabinet is a snap for a company like DogGone Handy.

Some spaces and budgets don’t really allow any of these options.  But with some cleaver thinking, this need not hold you back.  Sometimes an unexpected piece of furniture can provide the storage you need.  Maybe there is an old armoire or bookcase hiding somewhere that can be repurposed with some baskets and attractive glass jars with handmade labels.  

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